Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Another disapointment or another door?

My name is Melissa and I am a 34 year, single unemployed and seriously board gal who is not unlike many of you.  I have started this blog as a way to fill the days while I look for work since being laid off 2 weeks before Christmas 2010, after working for a company for 10 years. After 4 months of searching for work in this abysmal economy I finally snagged an interview with a Government agency!!! Oh joy! Looking forward to a cushy role in a government job was just what I needed to pull me out of the slump of not working and spending my days eating chips and watching bad TV. Well I have found out today that this new and exciting career is not to be as I was told "they have chosen to go with another candidate". Such a nice and comforting way to be told "Hey, we think you suck". So now what??? What do you do when you are out of money, with the only hope of a job that you were able to attain after 4 months of scouring online job sites, attending job search seminars, putting the word out in every medium possible, even contemplating applying for Charlie Sheen's internship??

You start a blog that's what! Isn't that was people do these days? They put their frustrations out there for the entire world to see and laugh at/with and maybe even judge? Hey, Perez Hilton (who's website my guiltiest of guilty pleasures) made a career out of witty blogging about celebrities and "outing" closeted gay stars I think before even they knew they were gay. Now I don't know any celebrities and I don't think I would ever "out" anyone so my blogging skills may be lacking any kind of entertaining capacities.

Or there's that Julie & Julia chick. She blogged about cooking her way through the Julia Child cookbook and people bought into that to the tune of a book and movie with Meryl Streep. I mean, really if someone can make cooking French cuisine in a small NYC apartment a readable commodity then why can't I do the same? Maybe I will blog my way through this soul sucking job search, or ways to entertain myself with way too much free time, or by slowly posting aspects of my personal life that you can maybe relate to.

Well no time like the present, here it is...this first of many posts to come. Please comment, enjoy commiserating or judging me (don't worry I can't see you or know where you live so judge away!)