Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Basic Button Down Dress

Don't you love it when you approach your closet with no idea what to wear, push aside some hangers and  VOILA! Something magically appears that you totally forgot you owned!

Well that happened to me this morning and I couldn't have been more pleased to have re-discovered this basic black button down dress from Calvin Klein.

Dress: Old, Calvin Klein
Belt: came with the dress
Shoes: Novellino in Kingston Ontario

For my Birthday a couple of years ago my friends, that I have known since grade school, took me on a Shopping Trip to the Waterloo Premium Outlets, located in Waterloo New York. At the time I was unemployeed and had some reservations about spending money on clothes or anything that wasn't a necessity. However, I really needed some fun to lift my spirits and time with girlfriends can cure just about anything, so off we went. While shopping, I tried on this dress and immediately thought it would be perfect to wear to my potential future new job that I hadn't been hired for yet. Hopeful thinking! 

But my responsible side took over and I walked out the change room thinking, "hmmm... no, I better not". Since I have THE BEST girlfriends ever they all pitched in and bought the dress for me as a Birthday present. How sweet is that?!

So not only is this dress super stylish and easy to wear (no SPANX required), it has a sentimental value to boot. I can't believe that I had forgotten it but glad that we are reunited!


  1. YOU wear spanx!?!?!?!?!?!? Yiou are like one of us. :)

    1. I sure do! And anyone you tells you they aren't is probably lying! LOL


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