Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

This weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada where we get together to have a big Turkey dinner and give thanks for all that we are grateful for in our lives. I traveled to Kingston to spend the Holiday with my Mom and I was very grateful for the beautiful weather we had.

Here is a quick recap of my long weekend:
 On Saturday morning my Mom and I met a friend of her's and her dog for a long walk along the water. There's a hidden gem in Kingston behind the DuPont plant -of all places - to enjoy the lovely view across Lake Ontario and is a great place to let your dog frolic to it's heart's content.

 Panoramic shot of the beach.
 We ran into various dog walkers and the dogs all played together and had tons of fun while we chatted. That first almost wolf-like looking dog in the above pic was a rescue from 13 years ago and she was happy, healthy and lovely. Makes me want to have a rescue pup as well!

You know you are in Canada when you see random Inukshuks. I love seeing these!

My Mom's friend's dog, Danny. He's the same breed as Toto from the Wizard of Oz, a Cairn Terrier. What a happy little fella!

This is a distant picture taken of a lady who has swam in the lake from May to October every day for 13 years! She might have been in her 60's and looked incredible by the way....
Old stone BBQ

And now on to the food!

 I had back-to-back Turkey dinners to attend this year so I was making an effort to eat really clean and healthy before the feasts. This is roasted red pepper hummus my Mom made and some veggies for lunch.

Sunday morning breakfast was multigrain french toast. Indulging can still be nutritious! These were homemade and AH-MAZING!

Turkey Dinner at my Mom's: green beans sauteed with butter and almonds, roasted sweet potatoes with brown sugar, cranberry stuffing, turkey breast, some onions that were roasted with the turkey thrown on top and mashed potatoes with gravy. This was as good as it looked.

I didn't get any pictures of dinner #2, mostly because I was busy sort of co-hosting with my Roommate for about 14 people. But it was just as delicious! I zipped to the washroom during the evening and all I could hear were people laughing, talking loudly and just having a fabulous time. Sure sign that your company enjoyed themselves ;-)

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 


MelMac oxoxoxo


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  1. Melissa MacKenzie17 October 2013 at 12:33

    Thank you @Number Zero!

  2. This looks so so soooooo good!!
    Look at Danny! What a cutie!
    And OMG, you guys had 14 people on Monday?! WHOA!


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