Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th to Our US Friends!

I hope all of my wonderful US readers have a great Independence Day! I have traveled all over the US and even lived Virginia for a brief time; I so enjoy each visit to the Unites States. They are so proud of their country and welcoming to their neighbors in the North.

Not wearing stars for today's outfit but I do have on stripes!

Top: Tommy Hilfiger, seen here
Skirt: Ricki's, seen here and here
Bracelets: Mexico, seen here

One thing I learned about Americans, they really know how to BBQ! While in Virginia we had a Pot Luck almost every week at work. Now this isn't a Pot Luck where everyone just brings potato salad and calls it a day. Oh no....people brought in BBQs and Grills to set up in the parking lot, slow cooked baked beans, enormous bowls of banana and bread pudding and loads of sweet tea (not like regular iced tea). It would turn into a full on tail-gating PAR-TAY!

Click here for some Pin-speration to create your own Fourth of July BBQ feast!


  1. Damn girl!!!! Did you wear that to work or to go out? What a great look!!! Bet you turned heads today|!!! Lookin FINE!!! LOVE the skirt. I need to check out Ricki's!!
    Still single? Well that will make a few of my co-workers very sad. Hope you aren't mending a broken heart. Definitely some pluses to being single. We think you're fantastic so whatever you've been doing, keep it up.
    Hope to see a blog this weekend!


    1. LOL well thank you, Jenn. Your comments are hilarious to read. Thank you for making me smile :-) Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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