Monday, 10 June 2013

Sunday Funday!

Gooooood Morning! I hope everyone had a super weekend. Here in Ottawa, Saturday was a really grey, gloomy, muggy day (which I loath) but Sunday had glorious weather! I may be the only one but my weekends are normally split into a fun Saturday and Sunday is either lazy or dedicated to getting stuff done like laundry, cleaning, errands etc... But this weekend it was reversed! I had a great Sunday where I got up and went for a really long walk through some paths near my home which I haven't done in forever. It was bright, sunny but not unbearably hot with not too many bugs. I had my music going to keep me motivated to keep on walking and I really felt like I was able to get a lot of pent up stress out of my system. After the walk I felt refreshed, a little sore and mentally I was more at peace then I have felt in a while. I didn't realize how much I needed that outdoor activity.

After my walk, I was lucky enough to lay by the pool to catch some rays and managed to clean the pool cleaner and do a sweep with the bug net; which gave me a feeling of accomplishment for the day!

In the evening, my Rommie and I met some of her girlfriends for some drinks and a bite at Milestones restaurant here in Ottawa. I LOVE Caesar's so I downed a couple of those before dinner and had a glass of Malbec with my meal, which was Portobello Mushroom Chicken. SO YUM!

I didn't get a picture of the actual meal so this is courtesy of Sherman's Food Adventures

 This is what I wore out to dinner, yes that's the same Coach purse in Purple, seen here and here! If you find a clothing piece or accessory that you LOVE and comes in different colors, always buy at least two!

 Top: Joe Fresh, seen here.
Skirt: Giant Tiger, yep I swear it! It's just a basic black skirt but it works in several different outfit choices and it's comfy!
Necklace: Old, can't remember where I bought it.
Bracelets: Both from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you ever travel to Mexico, pick up some silver jewelry there. It's reasonably priced and the pieces are beautiful.
Shoes (seen above): Novellino in Kingston, Ontario


  1. What a fun weekend!!

    Nice walk, I totally know what you mean on getting the pent up stress out. It really energizes you!

    Cute outfit, love that tee :)

    1. Thanks Amanda! The walk also made me aware of how out of shape I am, LOL! Looks like you had a great weekend too! Yay Summer!


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