Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Working with Stripes

I just bought this amazing striped skirt from Ricki's last week and I am obsessed with it. Normally stripes on the bottom half are a No-No for me as they can make you look wider but the pattern on this skirt is really flattering.

 I paired the skirt with a white T-Shirt and a Black Blazer with the sleeves rolled up for a less stuffy look. (Clothing info to follow)
 Skirt: Ricki's
T-Shirt: Joe Fresh
Blazer: RW Co.

I love this look! It is great for work and will take you into cocktail hour if need be. The design of this skirt would work on many body types and will go with just about anything. I am going to try to pair it will something red for an upcoming post. Stay tuned!!!!

Have you ever bought something that you thought wouldn't work and are pleasantly surprised when it does?

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