Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Style for Days.....

Style for Days will be posts about those fashion icons who inspire us and I hope you enjoy what you see. The first of this series may seem a little "out there" but I LOVE her style none the less.

Dita Von Teese! 

 Fig 1
 Fig 2
 Fig 3
 Fig 4
Fig 5 Yep, that's what she wears just running errands about town!

Yes she is a burlesque dancer. Yes she was married to Marilyn Manson. Yes she loves to wear sexy lingerie and do a bit of fetish modeling (who doesn't!). But who can claim that this woman doesn't know what she is doing when she puts her "look" together in the morning?

What impresses me about her style is the attention to detail she demonstrates. Everything is carefully thought out from her 50's inspired hair to her flawless makeup and her unique accessories. Take a look at Figure 4,  the close up shows her choice of wicked hot sunglasses, a perfectly sultry red pout and the lovely broach that she uses to add some sparkle to her low cut dress.She always looks sophisticated, polished, sexy and well....she just looks the way a Woman should look. To me anyway :-)

Who are the style icons that you admire?

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