Friday, 15 February 2013

Let's have the type of night where it's 5 am and one of us has definitely punched someone who's been on a Disney channel show.

Okay, so Girls is a controversial TV show that airs on HBO on Sunday's at 9PM. It is created by, directed by, produced by and stars the talented 27 year old Lena Dunham. 

Girls is about four 20 something women that live in Brooklyn, have graduated college (well most of them) and are trying to start and figure out their "adult" lives. It revolves around the characters Hannah (played by Dunham), Marnie (Hannah's BFF and roommate , Shoshanna (Hannah's friend) and Jessa (Soshanna's cousin and also a friend of Hannah's). Each girl has a distinct personality and they each have their own adventures while trying to negotiate how to live in the most expensive and ruthless city in the world while also trying to become who they are meant to be (most of us in our 30's are still trying to get to that place too, aren't we?)

Many have criticized the show and more specifically Lena for not being racially diverse and showing too much unwanted nudity (again this mostly focuses on Ms. Dunham). Many have also said that the show is unrealistic in  that none of these girls seem to have their life together financially speaking, yet they continue to be able to pay rent, buy food, buy cocaine and quit their jobs on a whim. 

People either love this show, hate it or love to hate it. I personally LOVE this show! Regarding the nudity, yes Lena is naked in I think almost every episode. Does she have a perfect body? Hells no! But guess what, neither do I, neither do YOU, neither does 99.99% of the population!  So why is she being slandered for showing what is real? I think it is totally refreshing that Lena is not afraid to show her body in its true form. No lipo, no personal trainer, no fancy macro-biotic diet. She is what most girls look like so why are we shunning this image? I WISH there had been a show like this on when I was in my 20's, maybe I wouldn't have been so cruel to myself about my appearance just because I didn't have the body of Kate Moss.

I do agree with a couple of the criticisms of the show, they don't have racially diverse casting, but many shows fall into this category and aren't called out for it (Two and a Half Men anyone?). Do these girls seems to have a secret money tree from which to survive on in the Big Apple? They certainly don't exhibit the same struggles I had in my early 20's when you finish school, don't have parents that will financially support you and your salary can fund either your household expenses or your social life, but not both. But I guess it IS a TV show and we do have to suspend disbelief a on a few significant details, otherwise the show would be TOO realistic. If I wanted to see some thing THAT real, I would spend time analyzing my own life and who wants to do that!

 Hannah Horvath

 Marnie Michaels

 Jessa Johansson

Shoshanna Shapiro

The most recent episode of GIrls had Hannah having a dreamlike 48 hours in the Brownstone of a separated doctor name Joshua (not Josh) played by the delicious Patrick Wilson. Hannah awkwardly confesses to dumping garbage illegally into Joshua's trash cans. Sexiness ensues in the kitchen, the bedroom, the ping pong table and I have to admit at first I was like "AS IF". But then I asked my self why was I questioning this? How many times have you seen a totally gross older man with a young HOT girl and not thought twice? Why can't Hannah,  who is a frumpy kind of hipster chick whose appearance may not appeal to the masses, get it on with a hot separated doctor? Maybe she was filling a void in his life as much as he was satisfying a need for her?

Do you watch the show Girls? Do you love it? Hate it? Love to Hate it?

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