Thursday, 14 February 2013

Eat Here Before You Die!

I have had the opportunity to travel all over North and Central America and had many uber gastronomical experiences along the way. I LOVE FOOD so I wanted to share with you some of my fav restaurants in a feature I like to call "Eat Here Before You Die!"

I love to go out for dinner! The ambiance, the people, the luxury of being served and best of all you don't have any dishes to wash afterwards. Dinning out is a great way to connect or re-connect with people. Nothing makes me happier than good conversation, with good people, with good drinks and a belly full of good food.

As I hope to have many readers from around the globe, I will feature restaurants from all over and hope that when you are in that neck of the woods, you check some of these places out.

So because I am a native of Kingston, Ontario Canada, my first restaurant to feature is Woodenheads, located on Ontario Street overlooking Lake Ontario. This place has a groovy, laid back atmosphere and the staff are not only beautiful but friendly. They are known for their wood fire oven pizzas, creative specials and appetizers. I don't know how to categorize the culinary offerings for Woodenheads; they have a little bit of everything and sometimes use fusion in their cooking.

I will let the photos speak for themselves:

 Named for the Woodpecker

 The Bar (they make a great Caesar)

 The Chocolate Lasagna, you MUST try this when you are there!

 One of their famous wood fire oven pizzas. This is my favorite, the Nona Mela. It is blackened chicken, cheddar cheese, apple butter and caramelized onions.They also have a special pizza every day.

 The wood fire oven

Their back courtyard, it has heat lamps for when it is chilly. I love the brick walls....Kingston is the Limestone City!

I would also highly recommend their Coco Shrimp (coconut shrimp). They are the best I have ever had! Many have tried to crack the recipe but I haven't tasted anything like them elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy this post and if you are ever in Kingston, be sure to check Woodenheads out! 

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