Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bright Sun Shinny Day!

As I have mentioned before, I am SO NOT a morning person, I am literally dragging myself out of bed after hitting the snooze repeatedly. Confession: if I am having a particularly pathetic morning, I sit down in the shower for a couple of minutes. I just sit there under the water wishing I could go back to bed. Does anyone else do this? Please say yes! LOL.

Once I eventually get moving though, usually after the caffeine hits the bloodstream, I am really to take on the day. Here's a snap of what I eat for breakfast at work every weekday morning.

 This is a blow of Sally's Organic Cereals that I previously blogged about here. I sprinkle a mix of ground flax seed, additional oats, some dried raisins and pumpkin seeds. This is super filling and really  satisfying. Tastes great too!

Another way to wake me up in the morning is wearing something with color. Bright, brilliant color! I don't own many pieces in yellow, but this dress is a favorite of mine because it is so happy looking. I bought this last year to host my Rommie/BFF's first baby shower. Super stressful day but I can't proudly say I got through it without loosing my marbles.

Dress: Jacob
Belt: Bought this in Montreal, can't remember where but I wear it often.
Shoes: Adlo, seen here

Best part of this dress, the not so obvious pattern in white!

What do you do to get through the morning grind? Please share your tips with me in the comments! I obviously need them :-)

Melmac xoxoxox

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