Wednesday, 26 June 2013

All White with a Pop of Colour

Today's outfit is inspired by this Pin I found on Pinterest; one of my daily amusements to get me through the thrills of working a desk job. From an all white outfit to an all white room, adding a pop if colour to this virginal pallet is something that always looks fresh and breezy.

 These photos were taken this morning before work from inside my closet, which I will show you one day when it is better organized.

Top: Dynamite, referenced here
Tank underneath: Wal-Mart
Shoes: Novellino, worn here and here

 It is a shame that the colour of these shoes doesn't show up well on camera. They are a shinny purple that matches wonderfully with my Coach purse.

 Necklaces: Ricki's and Dynamite

Some of you might not think wearing all white is going to work. You might feel that it will wash you out, or make you look like a walking marshmallow. I hear you! But here are some tips to wearing all white that might help:
  • Make sure the whites match. Pairing an off white with a bright white might come off as sloppy
  • Keep your lines clean. Overly pouffy white on top and bottom will lend itself to marshmallow land :-)
  • Add a pop of color. I would have worn this outfit with beige heels and been just as pleased but adding colour really gives all white a nice punch.
For a different take on all white check out Tinfoil Tiaras and how she paired her all white dress with some really cute accessories.

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