Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Zig! Then Zag!

Two of the BEST things I love about Spring/Summer are:

1) Not wearing socks.... who's with  me?
2) Skirts/dresses to work or to play

It is the most freeing feeling to throw on a skirt or dress and some heels or flip-flops and go. I also feel like my tops have new life breathed into them when paired with a sharp looking skirt.

 Top: Dynamite
Skirt: BCBG

I tend to shy away from busy looking prints for tops. Reason being that with my bust size and big hair; bold prints can look overwhelming on me. I normally choose clean lines for tops that are a solid color to not make me appear too top heavy. BUT when I saw this top from Dynamite I thought it might work and be a good change of pace from my typical top choices. This print top does work! It is a zig-zag pattern that draws the line of the waist in while adding pops of color. The top is flowy but has a cinched waist so it doesn't look like Maternity wear.

 Close up of the top

 This necklace is a personal favorite of mine. It was bought for me in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2011 and when I wear it, I am always reminded of that amazing trip!

Shoes: Nine West, my most comfortable pair of heels!

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