Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Blazer and Jeans to Work

I am lucky to work in an office that is pretty business casual. We aren't client facing so we can get away with more casual office attire (some take it to the extreme in my opinion). That being said we really aren't "supposed" to wear jeans Monday through Thursday, but I did today anyways. Solid colored denim doesn't look as sloppy as faded or ripped jeans does so I lived on the edge today and wore my white Jessica Simpson skinnies to work and dressed it up with a blazer.

 Blazer: RW (old)
Top: Halter Top from Victoria's Secret
Jeans: Jessica Simpson Forever Skinny
Shoes: Nine West (below)

I also think that this would be a great look for a dinner date. The top is a halter so you can go from office to dinner easily if you added some jewelry like nice earrings and a bracelet. I think a necklace would be overkill with the straps of the halter.

What is your office attire normally like? Do you have to dress in a suit everyday? (If you do, I feel for you!) Or is your office more casual like mine?

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