Monday, 26 August 2013

Papanak Zoo

Good Morning and Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I took my first trip to Papanak Zoo located in Wendover, Ontario this past Saturday and it was so fun! We had the perfect weather, sunny but not super hot, to walk around the outdoor zoo and see all kinds of exotic creatures from Wild Boars to Zebras.

 Beautiful picture of a bald eagle in the background and a huge spiderweb in the foreground

 The bear waved hello!

 Bosley, the crazy Baboon!

 Here's the lion getting his lunch on, those are chicken feet sticking out of his mouth BTW.

 The Bear and I

 Posing with the Deer

Having a Donkey lick your hand is a weird sensation! 

Romper: Milk Shop (new!), located in the Market downtown Ottawa
Belt: Suzy Sheir (came with a dress)
Shoes: Clark's (very old and normally wouldn't be my choice of foot ware but we were doing a lot of walking on uneven terrain so practicality won!)

I sadly feel Summer coming to a close and though I really love Fall and how beautiful it is, it also means Winter is right around the corner. I am so NOT a Winter lover, very un-Canadian of me but I gotta keep it real!

To go along with the remaining days of Summer, this song is really fitting:

I have really enjoyed my Summer and I will be doing a re-cap over Labor Day Weekend!

Did anyone do anything new and different this Summer?

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