Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Perfect Summer's Eve

My Roomies and I partook in a local fair at the Rideau Carleton Raceway on a beautiful August evening. This was very "Summer" for me as it took me back to going to fairs as a kid and the evening was warm with a soft hazy light that was something out of a novel. Some of the above pics have a filter applied but the third from the top doesn't and you can see what the light was like.

It was so nostalgic seeing that the same rides and games are still kicking from 20 years ago and it was nice to see families out and about enjoying some good old fashion fun. I don't know how often I see families while I am out and they are all starting at their smart phones rather than interacting with each other; kinda sad but it's the world we live in now I guess. Events that bring us back down to earth like this fair (I hope) will never fade away as they are needed now more than ever!

On a side note I know that I have been seriously slacking with my posts as of late. This is mostly due to some changes in the settings of our work computers that is inhibiting my ability to upload  and edit photos. But I have some pictures stock piled and will take more of some clothing purchases I have made, one of which is a jumper (or are they called a romper?) which is something I never thought I would buy.

Hope you are all enjoying these last days of Summer!

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