Friday, 16 August 2013

Help I'm...

Happy Friday All!

I have a sort of confession to make, I subscribe to GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow's website that showcases all things Gwynnie. I know there are definitely mixed feelings out there regarding Gwyneth. She has expensive and superior tastes, her sometimes pretentious comments are off putting and her all around annoyingly perfect appearance is well just annoying; but whatever she's doing is working for her. I think she looks fabulous and she is more beautiful in her 40's than ever before. So for that, I am inspired by her!

For an example of some of the items featured on her website, here's a really cute tiered ruffled skirt featured on the GOOP website:

Looks like something you could get at Forever 21 for like $20-$35 right? Oh no, not on GP's website, it's a whopping $345! Yes, you read that right! Completely unattainable, pretty but ridiculous. However, I am inspired to find a similar skirt that is reasonable and still cute. And I did!

Once in a while GOOP features really cool websites and one that I really enjoyed looking through is Help Remedies. It's a site that offers quick fixes for those annoying little problems that pop up in our everyday busy lives and also mixes in some humor along with the their handy remedies, like this Help I've Never been kissed!

These kits are also reasonably priced $4 + shipping and can be ordered through the website. They come in cute conveniently travel friendly containers and you can mix and match to make sure you have everything you need to be prepared for anything.

Thanks to GOOP for featuring these handy little packets on their refreshingly different website.

*GOOP has not sponsored this post and all opinions on here are my own.

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