Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cable Knit Pencil Skirt

This weekend was super hectic and I feel like could have used several additional weekends to recover. It was my Roomie/Bestie's Birthday and we cooked up a storm for 10 guests for her B-Day dinner on Saturday. 

We bought two filet roasts from Costco, cut them up into steaks, marinated them in BBQ sauce and added some Hawaiian Salt to them just before they hit the grill. We created a Baked Potato Station with chives, Gruyere, Blue & Cheddar Cheese, real bacon bits and sour cream. I also made Caesar Salad dressing from scratch and we had Caramel Salted cupcakes for dessert. Needless to say, it was a meal to remember!

The Potato Station - it was a HIT!

Me helping with the clean up
Shirt: Dynamite - seen here and here

As a thank you for all of my efforts - mostly cooking related - my Roomie picked up a really cute cable knit skirt from Joe Fresh as a gift. Who gives someone a gift on THEIR Birthday weekend? Well apparently she does and that's why she's my BFF!

So how can you style a cable knit skirt with out looking like a doughty Grandma? Pick a contrasting top in a bright color to offset the traditional look of the skirt.

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