Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ever heard of Ground Cherries?

Hi all!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend (long weekend for us here in Canada and the US). I literally had the most non-eventful weekend on record. I did visit yet another petting zoo with my God Daughter and Roomie (yes, another one!) and that was pretty much the only thing I did of note. Sorry! I know so boring right! This time we went to Abbey Hill Farms and saw a farm built in the 1800's, got to pet 1 week old bunnies, see kittens, turkeys, goats and llamas!

The Llama wasn't interested in the grains, but we managed to get this shot looking like I was really feeding him (or her, not sure!)

After we hit the zoo, we stopped by a produce stand to get some corn and spotted these interesting looking fellas....

Have you ever seen these before? I know that I have but never really gave them much thought. Well, the ladies at the produce stand informed us they are called Ground Cherries or Physalis as they are more formally known.They are small orange fruit encased in a paper-like lantern that you peel off. We tried one on site and decided to buy some. They are slightly (and I do mean slightly) sweet with a buttery pineapple flavor. Very unique and different from regular red cherries and they look like yellow tomatoes.

 You peel off the lantern

The peel is attached and you just pop it off 

 Looks like a little yellow tomato

Crazy looking picture of me enjoying my ground cherry as a snack at work today

After a little research I found that Ground Cherries are super good for you! They are very low in calories about 53 for 3.5 oz and they are a good source of Niacin, vitamins A and C. They are good for eyesight, believed to inhibit cancer and lower cholesterol. 

Just like most berries, they are a powerhouse of vitamins that benefit your health in several ways and should be a part of your diet if it isn't already. As these tiny fruits are mild tasting, they can be used in salads and apparently make a wonderful tasting jam.

Well, back to another work week....sigh! Why can't all weekends be long ones?

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