Monday, 9 September 2013

Shopping #Fail

So this weekend I had a hankering to go to Target and spend some time looking through their merchandise for new Fall clothes (boots in particular). I haven't been to Target since moving to Ottawa so this was an exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon, for me anyways, doesn't take much to make me excited these days :-)

So I do a Google search on the trusty iPhone and get the closest store location to me, which is in Billings Bridge. To say this is close is slightly inaccurate because I live at least a 30 mins drive from anything in Ottawa.

Once I get to the strip mall where the Target is located I see that Target isn't opened (all other stores were). Hmmmm..... weird? So I go back to my Google search and see that the location I chose to go to doesn't open until the Fall! ARGH! How did I not see that before? So since I had driven all the way there I decided to look around some of the stores at Billings Bridge.

I picked up some cute necklaces from Ardene, they were 3 for $15. I also went into Fairweather, tried on and bought a purple and grey stripped sweater for $20 that I desperately need for work. It seems like all of my sweaters have decided to die just in time for Fall - they are all pilled or have a hole so I may return to Fairweather to buy more.

 Super hero stance!
Shopping outfit:
Jacket: Agent 99 in Kingston, Ontario (old)
Shirt: Dynamite
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: Ardene (new)

 A better look at the boots, I love these and will probably wear them out by the end of the Fall/Winter

Sorry for the flash in this picture! This is the new top from Fairweather . It is super comfy and will go with dress pants, leggings or jeans easily.

So for $35 I got 3 necklaces and a sweater for work, not a Target adventure but not too shabby.

I also had filmed and uploaded a new Vlog and then I promptly deleted it. Why? Well I found it too long and boring, I also say "ummm" like a hundred times during the video. So I chickened out! 

What did you do this weekend?

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