Monday, 7 October 2013

My VIP Night at Place D'Orleans

I am so excited to share with my readers a fantastic opportunity I had to participate in the Place D'Orleans VIP Night that raised money and donations for a wonderful cause, Dress for Success this past Saturday. Place D'Orleans is a local mall in Ottawa that held this incredibly well executed event  where you could buy tickets to enter into a draw to win:

• A Custom closet from Decorleans 
• A $2500 Place d’OrlĂ©ans shopping spree
• Personal shopping service

I don't know a girl that wouldn't love a chance to win that Grand Prize! Attendees also received SWAG bags that were packed with all kinds of goodies. You could also bid in a silent auction on tons of great clothing donated from several stores in PDO. There were yummy appetizers being passed around and the Cosmopolitans were flowing throughout the night. All proceeds went to Dress for Success, a charity that clothes women in need with appropriate interview attire to help them gain employment. 

My friend and blogger for Place D'Orleans, A.Co Est. 1984, needed local bloggers to participate in a Shoe Fashion show for this event and asked me to take part. Me, a model? Ummmmm.... ok I thought. Let's do this! I couldn't say no to this kind of opportunity and to help out a good cause. 

Here' s a look at #MYVIPNIGHT at Place D'Orleans....
 I was pleasantly surprised to receive this amazing swag bag filled with coupons and goodies. There are perks to being a shoe model! ;-)

Grace from and Sarah from Be Healthy Be Beautiful fueling up with some yummy appetizers before the show. Those are my kind of models, they EAT!

 View of the TV set up that showed the Twitter pictures of those using #MYVIPNIGHT throughout the even. Great idea!
Things are getting underway.... There was a great turn out which added to some nerves. Yikes!
Amanda, who did such an amazing job hosting this event, doing a run-through with her best friend and fellow shoe model, Sarah. Amanda also styled all of the mannequins and chose all of our shoes for the show. 
 My first pair of boots, Cognac booties from Pegabo. I LOVED these! Like, I wanted to run-off-the-stage-not-stop-until-I got-home loved them. Don't worry, I gave them back (reluctantly) ;-)
 My second pair, Guess high tops with a leopard print and gold zipper detail. I loved these as well. They were so cute and really comfortable.

A shot of a model with these cute leopard flats from the Bay. Do you see a trend appearing here? Leopard was a popping up all over the show including Amanda's dress (see below) from Alfred Sung.
 Cosmos anyone? These tasted as good as they looked.

 Amanda and I before the show. 
Sweater: Kohl's
Skirt: Dynamite (new)
Booties: Pegabo
Necklace: Ardene

 Mouth watering sweets table.

Amanda's gracious camera man for the evening.

Photo credit:

All of our lovely models from the show, including our host, posing with some fun photo booth accessories. The VIP Night was a great success and as you can tell, we all had a great time!

And here's what my Fashion Show debut looked like....Yikes!

Aaaaaannddd I didn't fall on my face! Seriously, that was my worst fear and I was so nervous before going on. Not sure if you can see my heavy breathing before I walked on stage. Terrified! But after my first walk, my nerves settled and I really enjoyed being part of this event. I feel truly honored to have been asked to take part.

The drive is still on for the month of October at Place D'Orleans so if you have clothing that meets the criteria for donating to Dress for Success, please drop off your donations at Guest Services and receive a $5 Gift Card.

I will have more from this event in up coming posts so stayed tuned. Thank you A.Co, Place D'Orleans and Dress for Success for a great night!


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  1. Love your recap Mel, it was so nice to meet you =)!

  2. Melissa MacKenzie7 October 2013 at 09:48

    Thank you, Grace! It was so nice to meet you as well. You did a great job of capturing the event!


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