Monday, 25 March 2013

Muy Caliente!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!! I love to support local businesses when I can and I am super thrilled to share this yummy find with you. I was able to catch the Ottawa Home & Garden Show this weekend at the Ernst & Young Convention Center and tour some of the booths selling all manner of home improvement wares. After walking the floor for about an hour, we came across a booth that I was really excited to see..... of course it had to do with FOOD! The booth was for Island Spiced sauces and marinades made locally and with all fresh, natural ingredients by Chef Carlton. We sampled several sauces with pita bread and corn chips and after many tastes we decided on 3 sauces to take home for $20 Cnd (not a bad deal at all). The sauces are Caribbean inspired and range from mild to HOT (think Jerk hot). We took home the Coconut Curry, Beer Spiced BBQ Sauce and the Rum BBQ Sauce. They can be used as a marinade, a cooking sauce, an accent flavor or used to baste your favorite meat dishes.

We tried the Coconut Curry sauce and made this AMAZING dish! Here is what you do:

Take chicken legs (skin & bone in) and marinade in some of the Coconut Curry sauce for a couple of hours. Place the chicken in an oven safe dish and pour the remaining marinade on top. Place in a preheated oven at 350 F for an hour. Use some more of the Coconut Curry sauce to baste the chicken about every 10 mins. The fat from the chicken will bake off into the dish and can be used to baste as well (it makes it crispy). For the last 10 mins we turned up the temperature to a Low Broil and basted with the juices in the dish. Oh my..... this was the result:

 These are the super juicy, flavorful chicken legs. The meat fell off the bone! 

So yummy! If you like Coconut Curry, this is a MUST try!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, they were taken with an iPhone but I think you can still tell how succulent and golden brown these chicken legs turned out. And the flavour; OMG! I love this type of Island dish and it was a mild spice with real flavour, not just heat. Since we were eating dark meat with skin, we served these legs with just some steamed kale to up the healthy quotient and keep the calorie count reasonable. But these legs would have gone really well with any kind of rice.

If you enjoy island inspired flavors and want to add some excitement into your every day cooking, I highly recommend you support a local business and check these sauces out. You can find them at another favorite establishment of mine, Farm Boy.

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