Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I'm in Heaven!

I struggled about putting this in an Eat Here Before You Die post but I think I will save those for actual restaurants. If you live in the Ottawa area, you are familiar with the grocery store chain, Farm Boy. Well a new location opened up at the Train Yards in Ottawa this weekend  which is right around the corner from my office and I couldn't be more excited. Mainly because they have a killer salad and soup bar!

 Photo Source: Pat McGrath, Ottawa Citizen

 This was my salad creation: it had spinach, arugula, Thai noodles, Greek salad, chick peas, edema-me, corn, marinated steak slices, shrimp and half a hard boiled egg topped with Greek Dressing and a couple dollops of Ancho Chili Dressing.  Oh my God! Amazing Amazing! There were so many choices, it could make your head spin. There were tons of chopped veggies and other toppings along with a Hot Dish bar that I didn't try this time but maybe next! All of this and a bottle of water came to $13 Cnd (you pay by weight), which to me is reasonable. This salad would cost at least that much in a restaurant.

I wanted to try a little bit of everything and it was all fantastic but next time I would stick with just greens, veggies and steak. The shrimp were a good size but didn't add too much flavor and since you pay by would be a skip for my next visit. The steak was flavorful and the Thai Noodle salad was delish!

As I am doing Weight Watchers I am very happy to have this healthy alternative close to my workplace. Most days I bring my lunch but occasionally I don't have time to pack a lunch and I have been complaining about how there isn't a spot close by that offers salad and soup. I am a huge soup fan and will be trying that next time too, if you are in Canada you know that it is still soup weather :-( 

This Farm Boy location also had a lovely seating area to enjoy your meal. So if you are in this area, I really encourage you to check this out! 

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