Thursday, 14 March 2013

Style for Days

For this edition of Style for Days, I am going to focus on the less fair sex :-)

With Justin Timberlake hosting SNL last weekend and appearing on Jimmy Fallon all week, I thought it would be perfect to feature his fashion sense. And he has it, in droves! 

Justin always looks effortlessly polished, sophisticated with a boyish charm no matter if he is wearing jeans and a T-Shirt or a Tux.

His style is casual cool and he creatively lends his fashion sense to his own line of clothing called William Rast, named for a combination of Timberlake's grandfather's first name and Trace Ayala's (JT's partner) grandfather's last name. The label is best known for their denim and some have said that these jeans fit a woman's ass like nothing else :-) I personally don't own a pair..... yet!

 JT sporting his famous "Suit & Tie" Source:

I am guilty of not completely loving Justin's new single, Suit & Tie Feat. Jay-Z. I first thought it sounded a little too elevator-music-like. But the single has grown on me and I have an appreciation for the sound he was going for. Are you excited about Justin's return to music?

I think that someone is trying to copy JT's look here, don't you? Source:

Justin's confidence is his best style feature, in my opinion. He really has helped steer men's style away from frat-boy sloppy to chic, put-together looks without looking like he is trying to too hard.

Let me know what you think about JT's style in the comments!

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