Thursday, 11 July 2013

10 Ways to Maintain your Weight -- and why I hate the word "Skinny"

I hate the word "Skinny". Have you ever dropped a few pounds and had a girlfriend exclaim "Oh my God! You're so skinny!". Like it's a good thing to be skinny? And for the record, I have NEVER been skinny in my entire life. Skinny, for me, is a term reserved for under nourished Runway Models; not for us every-day-totally-normal-(but still super hot) gals.

I thought about how I hate this word when I came across the following list from the website Girls Guide To (a totally cool site btw). I wanted to share this list of 10 "lazy" ways to maintain your weight or even drop a pound or two. I wouldn't call it a list to stay Skinny. You won't look like this model by following the tips on this list, nor should you ever want to look like that. But these tips are a really good guideline for maintaining your ideal HEALTHY weight. On the Girls Guide To site these tips are called 10 Lazy Ways to Stay Skinny, but sorry GGT, that is an ugly term we don't use on Planet MelMac. These tips are also similar to what Weight Watchers advises it's clients to follow to lose and maintain weight, so that is why I am sharing them with you.

1. Don't deprive yourself
You really can enjoy all the foods you love. The key here is moderation, because no single food makes you gain weight. Instead, it’s all about the portion sizes you enjoy. 

2. Eat until you feel satisfied, not full
Even though it’s old-fashioned, this rule is actually very helpful: put down your fork between every bite. Not only will you savor your meal more, it will also help you realize when to stop eating before you feel bloated or too full. 
3. Make sure half your plate contains veggies
Vegetables are filled with fiber and water so they keep you fuller longer without filling you out. 
4. Stay hydrated
Did you know sometimes that feeling of hunger is actually just thirst? Make sure you’re getting your eight glasses of water a day to prevent that problem.  
5. Make sure your intake isn't top heavy
I’m super guilty of this one. But, if you restrict yourself all day, you’re much more likely to break down at night and overindulge. Combat those late night munchies by eating more substantially (but healthy) during the day. 
6. Don't eat in front of the TV
When you’re mindlessly snacking in front of the TV or computer, you’ll end up consuming more than you realize. If you must snack, do so away from the TV and choose fiber rich snacks like popcorn, fruit, or trail mix. 
7. Know that exercise isn't everything
Regular exercise is important, but going to the gym doesn't mean you should reward yourself with a monstrous dessert later on. Eating well, and not just exercise, will really determine whether you lose or gain weight. 
8. No eating after dinner
Calories give us energy and you don’t need energy to sleep. 
9. Don't eat out of the bag
When you’re snacking, and not in front of the TV, make sure you’re pouring an appropriate portion onto a plate or bowl. This way you can measure how much you’re consuming before you finish off an entire bag. 
10. No seconds
You really just don’t need them. That fullness feeling can take some time to settle in, so before you reach for another plate allow your body some time to digest. If you wait just 20 minutes, you’ll realize you really aren't that hungry. 
To show you that these tips really do work, below is a comparison of me about 6 months ago and now. I lost weight not by working my ass off at the gym or following the latest and greatest diet fad, but by using those tips above and tracking what I ate. It works!

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