Thursday, 25 July 2013

Not Meant to Blog Today... But I am anyways

I think that the Blogging Gods are trying to tell me something; I am not meant to blog today!

I had taken pictures last night when I got home from work for a post on my work outfit for that day (which I loved) and they all turned out blurry! I couldn't tell that from the camera's view finder when I had taken them but when I went to edit those pics today.... ALL BLURRY!

So rather than post sub-par pics I decided to ditch them.

Yesterday while at work I also scouted out a maybe perfect spot for some outdoor outfit pics using Google Earth. The previous spot I had found randomly is just too far away. This location looked private with good light and it was closer. So looking at Google Earth I am like "okay so turn left here, right here and the street is about there.... okay got it". While out for lunch today I drove to where I thought the spot was and I drove and drove and drove. Even got out the GPS and I still couldn't find it! AHHHHHH! 

So with that, I give up on my outfit posts for yesterday and today, it's just not meant to be. I will review where that location is more thoroughly and hopefully I can begin shooting my pictures there soon. I don't consider myself directionally challenged but finding this place is like trying to get into Narnia for crying out loud! LOL

Also, I would like to notify my readers that I will be traveling to Vancouver this Saturday for one week to visit my BC Family! I am super excited as I haven't seen them for a few years and I love returning to my home town of Vancouver where I was born and lived until I was 12.

That means I won't be posting next week. I was thinking about getting one of the many lovely bloggers that I admire to guest post for me during my absence but I didn't want to impose on any of these busy ladies. So there will be no new posts next week, but when I return I will have TONS and TONS to post about and I can't wait to show you how beautiful Vancouver is!

I am babysitting my God Daughter tonight so I hope that after the little munchkin has gone to bed that I can film my first Vlog! I was going to do a recap of my first Beauty Haul but I got inspired from A.Co to do a 50 Facts About Me Vlog so maybe I will do that instead. That will require some editing though so please bare with me as I am new to all of the video editing Vlogging stuff. I think it will be fun though!

That's all for now, sorry for the long ramble and the lack of posts but I will be back with vengeance, I promise!



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