Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fig Clothing

Okay I am SOOO excited to write this post! A fashion blogger that I admire and read daily, A.Co Est 1984 recently featured a clothing company on her blog called Fig Clothing. Now A.Co is the Fashion Vlogger for Place D'Orleans Shopping Center and she does a great job on featuring what fashion trends are hot, DIY videos, food & fun and everything in between. She is tall and beautiful so she looks amazing in everything that she wears (she should have been a model!) so when she blogged a picture of herself in a dress from Fig Clothing, I immediately LOVED the dress and ordered it. But eeek.... would it look the same on me? I would soon find out!

Now Fig Clothing is a Montreal based company that creates very functional, comfortable sportswear and urban pieces that are 100% manufactured in Canada. Again, I love to support a "local" business so that was another appealing aspect of ordering from this company.When browsing the website, I found most of their collections very Lulu Lemon-ish, which isn't a bad thing. The sweaters and pants look like they would be the ideal outfit to travel in and still appear put-together. Very comfortable and stylish! But it was the Nev Dress, from their Ocean Spring 2013 Collection, that I had my eye on. It came in the mail yesterday and because they are shipping from Canada, no shipping fees YAY! I was going to order the dress in a beautiful Coral color, however I thought that the Navy would be more "work appropriate" and would give me more occasions to wear it.

The ruching on the front tummy area will hide a multitude of sins!

 A close up of the rouching detail
Yes the price tag is still on the dress, I was so excited to try it on and take a picture that I didn't take it off :)

The fabric is really unique and very comfortable. It's a quick drying material so you could wear this to the pool on vacation with flip-flops, change into heels and go straight to dinner. I love that kind of versatility from a dress, especially when you are traveling and packing space is of the essence!

Now I don't know if I look as stunning as A.Co in this little number but I am happy with the purchase and I look forward to wearing this dress to casual events, work and dressing it up for a dinner out (whenever that happens). Please, if you are in Canada, check this website out! Thank you A.Co and Thank you Fig Clothing! oxoxox


  1. OMG YAY!!! Love this post and you are TOO KIND AND SWEET!! Awwwww :)

    The dress looks freakin' FABULOUS on you!! Wow!

    (hahaha 'a multitude of sins')

    1. Thank you very much! Hopefully it isn't creepy that I got the same colour. I just loved the Navy one so much and like I said in the post, I think the Coral may be too beachy for work. Any who thanks again for your lovely comments. Keep up the fantastic work on your blog; it's my fav!


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