Friday, 10 May 2013

Stripes and the City

So sorry I have been MIA, this week has been a little busier than normal with work. As a result my mind has been in a stupor from the time I get home until bedtime so my blogging brain has been on hiatus!

 Top: Forever 21

Just playing around in the bathroom, ya know....totally normal behavior :-)

I  love this shirt from Forever 21 that I bought while in Colorado for a work trip many years ago. I was super thrilled when I saw it on TV during an episode of The City (GAWD I miss that show). Some girl that worked at Diane Von Furstenberg with Whitney Port was wearing this very shirt! I wish I had a screen shot to show you but sadly I don't :-(

Upon closer inspection of this shirt in the picture above I see a tear happening under the armpit! Oh no! I guess this fav of mine is on it's last legs. I hadn't notice this rip this morning because a) I am NOT a morning person so I am in a haze for the better part of 7am to about 10am and b) the rip was in a place that wasn't super obvious.

Are you like me, do you get sentimental about pieces of clothing and die a little inside when you have to throw it away?

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