Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Randomness on a Tuesday

 Good Morning All! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. This will be a very random post so my apologies but sometimes these posts are the most fun to write.

First we had some visitors stop by our pool the other day. A female and male duck appear every spring to take a dip, splash around and say hi to the dogs. You can only see the male in this picture but soon after I took this another male duck swooped in and there was a bit of a love triangle going on and the female flew away with male duck #2 to leave this little guy all alone. I know how you feel bro!

A friend of my Roomies dropped by a couple of weeks ago as he was in town for business and brought over this AMAZING rum called Kraken. It's spiced and sweet so if you don't like that type rum you will probably not enjoy this; I however LOVED it. I actually drank it straight over ice which I never do; it was that good.

For those of you wondering what a Kraken is, it's basically a huge mythical Octopus.

Very cool display of the Kraken Rum.

And more randomness with this picture of me ready to head out the door for another glorious day at work <insert sarcasm here> ;-)
Blouse: Ricki's (love this as it doesn't need to be ironed that much)
Belt: Le Chateau (very old)
Skirt: Ricki's which you have seen here
Bag: Coach, referenced here

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