Friday, 3 May 2013

Casual Friday

 Shoes: Aldo, seen HERE as well

 Shirt: Dynamite
White Tank: Unknown
Necklace: Dynamite seen HERE

Side View

Look down from above

How awesome is it that the weather is finally sunny and warm! If you are reading this from Colorado or Minnesota I am very sorry to say that it is tremendous outside here in Ottawa and most of Ontario. But don't worry, your summer will come just as ours did :-)

With the warmer weather here, we just had our Summer Dress Code email come out (I work in an office). It stated that Gentlemen could not wear Shorts or Sandals and that the women could not wear Spaghetti Straps or Flip Flops (women can wear shorts). Ummmmmm... WHAT?

First I would think that women wearing shorts is at much higher risk if violating the appropriate barrier as we often would wear short Shorts. Men however often wear longer shorts so what is that about?

I do agree with Men not wearing Sandals. Sorry Guys but the majority of you are about 10 years over due for a pedicure.

And no FLIP FLOPS! Now I do wear some form of dress high heel or wedge most days but sometimes a girl needs to give her feet a break and that's where I have a problem with no Flip Flops. 
Come on!  Flip Flops = Summer

Does your work have a Summer Dress Code? If so, do you agree with it?

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