Friday, 19 April 2013

Morning Basics

Happy Friday Everyone!

Like many of you, I have some morning essentials that I need to make it through the groggiest time of day (for me anyways, so NOT a morning person). I also wanted to show some pictures of the Flower Peasant top I picked up at Dynamite a couple of weekends ago. It's finally starting to warm up in Ottawa so I took the opportunity to wear a Spring-Type outfit.

I have my Lady Grey Tea in my special mug that my Roomie made me for Xmas, a multivitamin and Fish Oil Omega Supplement and the all important Coach purse in Red that I would die without! Seriously, I can fit so much in this bag if I need to and it still looks great; not all bulging and sloppy. 

Click the Fish Oil link for some valuable diet information!

Can I just say the look on my face in this picture is hilarious! I don't know what expression I was going for here but it makes me giggle. Flower Peasant Top from Dynamite, lace tank from Ricki's and Seven for All Man kind Jeans.

Side View 

 Look down from above (shoe info to follow)

This is a close up of the top. I love the fun detailing and the tassels on the ties. This top is super flirty and feminine, perfect for Spring!

Aldo Wedges in White: I bought these last year at the end of Summer so they were on sale. Not sure how much I paid for them but they were a deal, I remember that! I love to wear them with boot cut jeans and the bamboo platform is my fav part of this wedge style shoe. Nail color is OPI - Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and thank you for stopping by!

MelMac oxoxoxoxo

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