Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Style for Days

So last time for a Style for Days post, I featured a man with some serious swag. Again I am featuring a male celebrity that I personally think has a style all his own and oozes with confidence and sex appeal. I have seen him in several indie flicks but I really came to appreciate him looking HAWT in a little show called Boardwalk Empire. I love this show (airs on HBO) and I totally drooled for his character, the bad-ass tormented James "Jimmy" Darmody. But alas *SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen this show and want to* he was killed off and I have missed seeing him in his gangster suits with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. The Style for Days pick for this post is Michael Pitt.

 Michael Pitt // Appearances: Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Presents An Evening With Boardwalk Empire 


Michael Pitt can look a little grungy, but sometimes I like a man to look like he doesn't give a F*$% and still be sexy. And what is so alluring about the "other" Mr. Pitt is that he does sloppy well and he also cleans up so beautifully when he puts a form fitting suit on. He is long and lean so clothes fit him well and with that hair slicked back and piercing gaze, you KNOW he means business.

I don't know why but I seem to be gravitating more towards how a man dresses rather than a women these days. Women have so many options that it can be easy to see what works and what doesn't for us. But for a man, they really have a casual jeans and t-shirt look (which I am not knocking) or they have a suit (I know I am really generalizing here). So when a man's style catches my eye, it must mean they are doing something right. So I am in Boardwalk Empire withdrawal and have been in Michael Pitt withdrawal for quite sometime but now I have this post to get my fix when needed! :) What do you think of my choice for this feature?

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