Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Hello and Happy Belated Easter! I hope everyone had a great Long Weekend filled with Family and Food!
I went to visit my Mom and she asked that I go to the mall with her to buy a cell phone; her first ever! Can you believe that? I can't lie, I was dreading this excursion and all the questions that would result (how do you use this, how do I do this, can it do that, well why not?!). But she got a Samsung Galaxy III and since her tablet is a Galaxy as well, she picked up how to use the device pretty quickly. Way to go Mom!

I had been wanting to get a black & white polka dot dress for sometime now and when my Mom and I walked into the Mall, my eyes immediately locked in on Cleo and this little number that was on a mannequin....

I thought "how perfect"! So I ran to the change room, through it on without completely taking off my jeans and boots (I am brutal for this when trying clothes on) and.... luckily it fit nicely! The ruching on the side and high waist work for my body type and there is a hot pink lining on the inside that is super cute (even if no one will see it). So I picked it up and best part is it was on sale 40% off! AND accessories were on sale too so I spotted this necklace which will go with just about ANYTHING.

Next is a pair of red pumps to complete this look. I have my eye one these Nine West red high heels from the Hudson's Bay.

So this was my shopping success for this weekend. I am looking forward to wearing this look to work this spring and summer if the weather ever actually warms up. We had snow flurries this morning!

What do you think of this look?

Just to show how awful the weather is here, take a look at my main man darting through the back yard this past weekend!

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