Thursday, 11 April 2013


This weekend I blogged about discovering Jessica Simpson's line of jeans at the Bayshore Mall called Forever Skinny. Since then my Roomie and I have gone back to the Bay (she ordered online) to snatch some more pairs of these denim delights. My Roomie wore these the other day and she looked amazing and received tons of compliments when she visited her husband at work So on my lunch hour today I drove to the nearest Bay on the hunt for another pair but they didn't have my size in the Forever Skinny line. I tried on pair in a size higher then I normally wear and they just didn't look right. So I attempted Jessica's Kiss Me Jeggings and found my size and success!

 Front View. Top from Tommy Hilfiger and heels from Nine West

Back View. 

These jeans are a dark rinse so they can be dressed up or down and they have some good stretch to them so  they're comfy. You can wear them with heels, flats and my fav, tucked into boots. The test for these and any jean is how it will stand up to washing. Will the color last? How will the fit change? Will washing cause them to fit great when you first put them on and then stretch to oblivion throughout the day? I will test that out and let you know! 

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